ecoGeeks Hose Filter Testimonials

A note from ecoGeeks founder, Mick Wynhoff

I first came up this product back in 2005 when I was working at a spa products manufacturer, shortly before a pool and spa trade show. We had found that the most common complaints that we were getting for spa maintenance with our products ultimately led back to bad initial water quality.

Simplify Your Life... Naturally with the ecoGeeks hose filter

Mikaela using the fist prototype ecoGeeks hose filter on the plants surrounding our Koi pond.

The original ‘concept’ filter was put together out of PVC pipe, some bits and pieces from the local hardware store and a collection of raw media that I had been experimenting with for a number of years.

I used the very first prototype from the factory for 6 years when I finally had to retire it, not becasue it was used up but becasue I had broken the threads so I could no longer screw it on to the hose bib.

I first discovered its other uses after I had been using the thing to fill my Koi pond for a number of months. I noticed that my back yard grass was green and lush, but my front yard was yellowing. I put another filter on the front hose bib and, sure enough, the grass greened up there as well. As it turned out, the chlorine in the city water was damaging the grass and possibly killing the microorganisms in the soil that help add to soil richness.

Of all the products I’ve worked on over the years, this one is by far my favorite. Enjoy!

– Mick Wynhoff

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3 Responses to ecoGeeks Hose Filter Testimonials

  1. Jon S says:

    Works great! We have a lot of chlorine and a ‘green’ taste in our tap water. The ecoGeeks Hose Filter filter eliminates all of it! This filter meets all our needs. Great

  2. Louis B says:

    I got to tell you, this product is simply amazing! My tomato, cucumber and pepper plants could not be happier! I am under the assumption that my plants wake up at night to dance and sing as a result of this filter. The differences are astounding! The results after a year of use and now with this new purchase, are remarkable. I will never go without this ecoGeeks Hose Filter again!

  3. Mark F says:

    I have in the past questioned all sorts of things, primarily soil related, on why I kept having new trees perish. I live near the ocean near Ensenada Mexico and thought maybe it was the ocean air. I tried soil ammendment etc..all types!!!I have returned so many trees to Home Depot and Lowes they just can’t believe it!!!. I adjusted soil pH, added gypson, soil enhancer etc to no avail!!! Then I purchased your ecoGeeks All Purpose Hose Filter and the difference in approximately a month is just remarkable. No dying trees, no burnt leaves, no yellow leaves… just great new growth!!! Thank you for a wonderful product!!!

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