ecoGeeks Garden Hose Filter Instructions

Instructions on how to use and store your ecoGeeks All-Purpose Hose Filter

• Flush your garden hose before use to remove sediment and contaminants.

• Attach filter to hose and flush for one minute until water runs clear.

• Can be used effectively at either end of the garden hose. Can be used with a sprayer attachment or sprinkler with a barely noticeable reduction in flow rate.

• Save end caps for storage. STORE WET! (do not allow filter to dry out as the media will harden and become ineffective – if end caps are lost, store in a plastic baggy in refrigerator)

• Works best with a flow rate of 2GPM or less. For highly contaminated water, reduce flow rate to 1GPM

• If flow rate slows, back-flush filter to remove sediment buildup. If it’s not possible to back-flush filter, place female end in a bucket of clean water and shake to loosen blockage from media.

• Test Hose Filter for exhaustion: attach the unit to a source of chlorinated water and test the output with a chlorine test strip, readily available at any pool and spa supply store. Chlorine level should read at or near 0. The ecoGeeks Hose Filters will last between 8,000 and 20,000 gallons, depending on care, use and and initial water contamination.

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