Pool & Spa Water ecoGeeks Hose FIlter

Problem pool or spa water?

Fill Your Pool, Spa or Pond with bottle-quality water every time. Excellent for kiddy pools! The ecoGeeks hose filter reduces or eliminates the need for many pool, spa and pond startup products!

ecoGeeks hose filter for for pools and spas

ecoGeeks hose filter for for pools and spas

Metals, contaminants (even chlorine) and high calcium concentrations in source water cause instability and difficulty setting up water.

That rotten egg smell is often the result of the bacterial break down of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, such as in swamps and sewers. Hydrogen sulfide, common in well water, is corrosive to metals and highly toxic in sufficient concentrations. Our Hose filter removes hydrogen sulfide from water resulting in clean, clear, fresh smelling water.

Calcites and lime/scale:

The ecoGeeks Hose Filter alters the molecular structure of calcite which inhibits its clinging capability. Calcium ions are removed from the water which changes calcite lime/scale deposits into aragonite. This alteration causes the lime/scale to remain suspended in the water where it cannot cling to equipment.

Dissolved Iron:

Dissolved iron in source well water can wreak havoc on a pool or spa causing staining, difficult maintenance issues and odors. The ecoGeeks Hose Filter is highly effective in removing dissolved metals of all kinds from problem source water.

NOTE: be sure to run source water until ALL solid rust particulates are cleared. Concentrated solids will clog the filter very quickly. Always flush filter thoroughly before use.

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